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In 1975 something appeared on TV that changed the way we looked at comedy for some time. The show was called SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE. It featured a cast called The Not Ready For Prime Time Players, many who came from the comedy improv club Second City and some who had gone on to National Lampoon's radio program. They became stars overnight and most went on to hugely successful film roles as well as meeting tragic ends. But among them was someone who always seemed happy, a sweetheart who could weave her magic around the audience and who captured the hearts of viewers even if she wasn't aware of it. That woman was Gilda Radner.LOVE, GILDA is a compilation of home movies, recordings, TV and film clips, reminiscences of old friends and reflections of current comedians that are molded together to present a picture of the life and times of Radner. Director Lisa Dapolito brings these elements together in chronological order to present the viewer with the woman behind the comedian. We get to see what was going on in her mind, what formed her in childhood and the struggles she faced.Beginning with photos and home movies of her childhood we see that she was drawn to the stage and to perform first for her father and then as a way of combatting children who would taunt her about her weight. She dealt with depression and tragedy and came to find a friend in her grandmother who came to live with them.As a working stage performer she found that she was a natural talent and others did as well. Along the way she made friends and acquaintances that helped her later in her career. When she finally did make it to SNL she found that it was still a man's world and that her ideas were not taken as readily as those of her male co-stars. She had to fight to get her skits approved and did so not by being forceful but by working them in.Through it all as depicted here was her need for love. She dated regularly and had numerous boyfriends. Many were among those she worked with. Cast mates from SNL and Second City were there for her and even when they parted ways they remained friends. She married G.E. Smith who led the band on SNL. But it wasn't until she met and later married actor Gene Wilder that she met her soulmate.They were different types of people and yet molded together perfectly. They were deeply in love. And that made the fact that Radner developed cancer that much more tragic. The two remained together until her passing in 1989. It seems amazing that it's been 30 years now since she passed away.We may have known much of this in the years that have gone by since her passing but this film provides her a chance to know her better, in her own voice and in those of others who knew her and who idolized her as a role model. Sadly so many of the original SNL cast members have been forgotten with at least one if not two generations who didn't grow up with them. They never experienced the comedic genius that was on hand in that original cast and for that matter in Gilda. That's sad.Perhaps this documentary will make those generations look back and discover how great she was. Maybe it will inspire some to seek her out and learn for her, to be inspired like so many who have followed in her footsteps. One can hope. And for those that loved Gilda, who laughed at her performances and characters, who thought of her as a bright spot on SNL we now have a way to enjoy and know her like never before. Thank you Gilda.

download view now ( 732.85 MB )

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