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Subtitle I Am Number Four

DEP has developed an electronic tool that will replace the paper 8700-12 form utilized for acquiring an EPA Identification number, making a subsequent notification, updating your facility information, meeting the re-notification requirement for SQGs, submitting an episodic generation notification, etc. (Note: Paper submittals will still be accepted.)

subtitle I Am Number Four


Column 1 - Name and Individual Identifying Number of Worker: Enter each worker's full name and an individual identifying number (e.g., last four digits of worker's social security number) on each weekly payroll submitted.

Column 8 - Deductions: Five columns are provided for showing deductions made. If more than five deduction are involved, use the first four columns and show the balance deductions under "Other" column; show actual total under "Total Deductions" column; and in the attachment to the payroll describe the deduction(s) contained in the "Other" column. All deductions must be in accordance with the provisions of the Copeland Act Regulations, 29 C.F.R., Part 3. If an individual worked on other jobs in addition to this project, show actual deductions from his/her weekly gross wage, and indicate that deductions are based on his gross wages.

Many works of fiction are named using a "Title Colon Subtitle" template. Sometimes, however, the subtitle becomes an important part of the original work's identity, and when a sequel, spin-off or crossover with another work is made, a second subtitle is tacked on after the first. When written out, this looks ridiculous, as you have to use a colon to indicate each separate subtitle. That's Colon Cancer; Electric Boogaloo carried way too far.

  • Music: The Album The seventh entry in Bob Dylan's Bootleg Series: The Bootleg Series Vol. 7: No Direction Home: The Soundtrack.

  • Coheed and Cambria's third and fourth albums are named Good Apollo, I'm Burning Star IV: Volume One: From Fear Through the Eyes of Madness and Good Apollo, I'm Burning Star IV: Volume Two: No World for Tomorrow. They have a song titled "The Willing Well III: Apollo II: The Telling Truth".

  • Compost Ambient Selection: Sleeping Beauty: Compost Relax Works: Compiled By Minus 8.

  • Italian power metal band Domine's third album is called Stormbringer Ruler: The Legend of the Power Supreme, and closes with a track called Dawn of a New Day - A Celtic Requiem: The Chronicles of the Black Sword - The End of an Era part 4.

  • Nicki Minaj's Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded: The Re-Up.

  • Videogame: The Movie: The Game: The Cover Album.

  • Web: The Original Amazon's original webseries Alpha House has a gaffer who intentionally dropped a light during Sen. Guzman's rebuttal to one of Obama's speeches, because he was told to do it. He was subsequently fired by Guzman's chief of staff, leading to what is known as "Gaffergate". When asked on an interview whom it was, he says he can't say, but it goes high up in the campaign, and is revealed in his book A Thousand Watts in Your Face, Bitch: Gaffing the Truth: Why Things Got Like This. He even pronounces the colons. It's got them so you know it's important.

  • AMV Hell is a series of short pieces of popular anime with accompanying music for comic effect. The third one was feature length, and called AMV Hell III: The Motion Picture. When the fourth one was also feature length, they decided to call it AMV Hell III: The Motion Picture II: AMV Hell IV: The Last One. Amusingly enough, it technically was not "the last one", as they released the contest-based "AMV Hell: Championship Edition", the pornographic "AMV Hell: Divided by 0", a sequel to the equally pornographic "AMV Hell 0," and several relatively short collections of "AMV Minis."

  • Toned down with AMV Hell V: Dedicated to Dio and AMV Hell 6.66: This Is (Not) The End.

  • Chuggaaconroy during an interview with LaughingboyLP, as an allusion and parody to how he usually introduces his videos , goes "Welcome back to Tony Hawk's The Elder Dogma Shadows of Metal Souls Downhill Jam of the Cooking Xeno Mama Chronicles Gear Solid 2 Turbo HD Remix & Knuckles, Featuring Dante from the Devil May Cry Series."

  • The second season of Decker is referred to as Decker: Port of Call: Hawaii.

  • Team Fourstar's dub of Dragon Ball Z: Return of Cooler received the title TFS Movie: Cooler 2: The Return of Cooler's Revenge - The Reckoning.

  • The e-novel EHUD Prelude To Apocalypse was recently revealed to be short for American Inheritance: Trilogy I: Tales of the E.H.U.D.s: Book I: E.H.U.D.: Prelude to Apocalypse.

  • Half Life: Side Story: Gaiden: HUNT DOWN FREE MAN features three colons in title.

  • Honest Trailers sometimes invokes this in the closing joke, a parody title of the movie in question. For example, Jumanji is called The Jungle Book: The Game: The Movie, and its 2017 sequel is The Jungle Book: The Game: The Movie: The Reboot: The Video Game.

  • Internet Historian discusses this in his In the Field video "food.", noting that it's always easy to tell a work which will fail with its debut by the number of colons in its title.

  • Spoofed by the Jimmy Davis YouTube Poop- "Link: The Boy: The Movie: The Trailer: The Poop."

  • Linus Tech Tips: The Couch Gag of "Nvidia missed the memo" says "RTX 3090 Ti GTS XXX KO Ultra Pro Max".

  • The Muppets fansite Tough Pigs has a review podcast about the ABC sitcom The Muppets (2015) called The Muppets: The Sitcom: The Podcast.

  • StephenPlays: In Episode 7 of their Super Mario 3D World Let's Play, Stephen and Hayley rename the game Super Barry & Larry 3D Cat Land: The Movie: The Game: Based On The Comic: Which Is Also Based On Real Life Events.

  • Yahtzee, in one episode of Zero Punctuation, got so sick of colons that he decided to pronounce them as a dry heave.

If you are using the notes and bibliography system, your direct quotes and paraphrased sentences will be cited with footnotes or endnotes. This means that your shortened citation will appear at the bottom of the page (footnote) or at the end of your paper (endnote) and will be noted in the body of your paper with superscript numbers.

When a period separates a title and a subtitle on the title page, we change the period to a colon. When a question mark, exclamation point, or dash separates a title and a subtitle on the title page, we leave the original mark:

Dear Jennifer, I have a question regarding the use of semi-colons in the subtitle of report headlines. Specifically, I'd like to know whether or not the first word after the semi-colon should be capitalized. I know that the first word after the subtitle typically begins with a capital letter as per Chicago and AP rules, but the AP is silent on what to do when the subtitle is itself separated by a semi-colon. Is the below headline acceptable?

When the title of the work being cited in the WC list includes the title of another text (for example, the cited work is titled A Critical Edition of John Lydgate's _Life of Our Lady_, with the last four words in the title -- here set apart with underscores -- being the title of a long poem and thus italicized), should the secondary / interior title be italicized along with the main title, or should it be formatted in standard typeface in contrast with the main title's italics?

The author of this book has put colons after the chapter numbers followed by the chapter title. Three chapters are each about one of three "Power Blockers." How to punctuate those? Which of two styles is preferable? Use a second colon or not?

Hi there. I have a question about listing book titles that have commas in their titles. For example, I want to list four book titles in a single sentence, but two of the books have commas in the titles. How do I write out the list so as to be clear about which commas are part of the titles and which are separating items in a list? Do I use semicolons? It doesn't look right. As of now the only thing distinguishing the commas in the titles from the commas used as list separators is that the former are italicized and the latter are not. I just worry this isn't clear enough when the font is small.

In my academic field, I often see titles that include some made-up system name, a colon, and a short description of the system. Something like: "Gizmo: a great new way to do things".Is there a name or term for the first word in this title, the system name? It's clearly not the subtitle or the title, but is there anything else I can call it?

Thanks for your question. A colon and a question mark should not generally appear next to each other in a title. So, for instance, if a title ends in a question mark and the title is followed by a subtitle, do not add a colon between the title and the subtitle. See the example above: Whose Music? A Sociology of Musical Language.

How the author can enter the number/part of the paper in the title of their essay/monograph/article for publication in a journal. The MLA Template shows the sequence of writing the numbering when quoting/referring someone's work; but it does not answer the question of how the author should compose their title correctly when the work is divided into parts. For example:

An SRT file (SubRip Subtitle file) is a plain-text file that contains important information regarding subtitles, including the start and end timecodes of your text, and the order number of your subtitles.

It's important to note that an SRT file is just a plain text file that you upload alongside your video, it does not contain the video or audio you're subtitling. At Story Ninety-Four, we recommend you organise your videos into folders, with the video file and subtitle file stored together.

The following is an example of a built-in slide layout that contains a title text placeholder, two subtitle text placeholders, and two placeholders to which you can add body text, a table, chart, SmartArt graphic, picture, or a movie or sound clip. 041b061a72


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