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Vmware Esxi 6 Download Iso Free

Let's cover the limitations of the free version, what you can use free ESXi for and how you can download and license it. The free version is great for home or light usage but doesn't offer official support or load balancing, for example. But you do get access to a community of users for support and it never expires. You'll also get to test drive products and run disaster recovery, a smart idea no matter the scale of your operation.

Vmware Esxi 6 Download Iso Free

ESXi Hypervisor is free for commercial use but includes a limited set of features. To use the hypervisor version, we need to register with our unique email ID. Once you have registered your email ID, download the hypervisor, and you can use a single license on up to 100 hosts.

nice article, waiting for the next part, are you going to describe vSphere Client as well ? I heard that managing vmware ESXi is difficult from command line, so we need to use vSphare client which is not free.


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