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Gsm Modem Sim300 Datasheet Pdf Download _TOP_

Hello ,I am currently using a gsm module sim 300 (the link is this =product/product&product_id=482 )being a beginner ... i used the code from this link -arduino-and-gsm-cellular-part-one/i connected the rx pin of sim300 to 3(tx) pin of arduino uno and tx to 2(rx) plus connected the gnd on both.then powered the module by a 12 v adapter .then uploaded the code from the tutorial above onto the arduino .but the serial port is showing only the string "Starting SM5100B Communication..." and not getting any other commands .i have also installed newsoftserial libraries.i am able to call using hyperterminal by manually typing the commands like "atd ***********;" and is able to make a call.plz help me with the code ... if its wrongthe link to datasheet of sim300 is ""i just want to make a call when a threshold value is reached which i get through a censor via the rx pin on arduino .

Gsm Modem Sim300 Datasheet Pdf Download


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